TROD path to Etton Bridge

TROD Opening - June 10th 2018

After 14 years, we finally have a safe footpath out of our village!

Enabled by funding from the EU LEADER project, together with a contribution from the Parish Council, construction by East Riding Highways started on May 8th and was completed in time for the grand opening!

The Cherry Burton Trod was formally opened on Sunday June 10th in glorious sunshine. It is a rural path on the verge of Etton Road and connects the village to the Hudson Way - the old railway line.

Before the trod, villagers had to walk on the 60mph road which is also on a National Cycling Route. Families with young children and those not able to leap onto the verge to avoid passing traffic were unable to walk to the Hudson Way or enjoy the scenic nature of Etton Road. Now families and the less agile are able to walk safely. And not just walking. We can now reach Field House Farm on foot to buy our farm fresh milk from Cherry View. 

The trod was opened by Hazel Armstrong, Chair of the Hull & East Yorkshire Joint Local Access Forum  ( JLAF) and was attended by Peter Ayling, President of the East Yorkshire and Derwent Area Ramblers, members of the Parish Council, and an enthusiastic group of Cherry Burton residents. 

TROD Grant Approved

Cherry Burton Parish Council is pleased to announce that the TROD for Etton Road is now approved

The Parish Council application for Rural Development Funding for England (RDFE) 2014-2020 LEADER grant funding has been successful and is for a grant to create a 600m trod (compacted hard-core path) to provide a safe off-road path linking the village with its Public Right of Way, the Hudson Way on the east verge of Etton Road.

The chosen supplier is ERYC Highways Construction who will start work in early May (after the Tour of Yorkshire) and complete by the end of May.


LEADER funding is jointly provided through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development ("EAFRD") and by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs ("DEFRA").


Drop – In, OCTOBER 19th in the Village Hall 6 – 7.30pm


As part of the process of applying for funding to improve footpaths the Parish Council is inviting all residents to come along to an open “Drop-In” session to ask questions and express their views.

Cherry Burton has no footpaths leading from the village to external “country” walks.  The Parish Council is addressing this in two ways: 1.Trying to gain funding for a hard-surfaced path (or trod) along Etton Road to the railway bridge, and 2. Supporting the reinstatement of a footpath across the fields from Canada Drive to the Hudson Way.  Neither are certainties but both are being pursued as completion of both paths would allow safe access for all to use the Hudson Way in a circular route without walking on roads. 

In addition to the aims of improving footpath access, there are also safety concerns raised by pedestrians using Etton Road, so Cherry Burton Parish Council is applying for funding for a trod on the verge between the current tarmac pavement on Etton Road (in the village) and the pathway on the old railway bridge at the Hudson Way. This would be a rural path appropriate for the landscape and 1m wide. There is a similar trod on Dale Lane in Swanland if you would like to see one.  Your response is critical to our bid for funding, so please complete the following:

TROD SURVEY – please drop off at the Drop-in on Oct 19th; at the Bay Horse; or 76 The Meadows, by Oct 21st

1. Approximately how often have you walked along Etton Road in the last year? _______

2. If there was a trod on the verge, would you use that?                                               Yes/No

3. If yes, would this be the same as before, or more than before?                       Same/More

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