Media and Communications Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

The Committee shall consist of three to five members, three of which shall be members of the Parish Council.

Non-councillors may be co-opted onto the Committee.


To provide a decision making forum with regard to social media and communication projects relating to Cherry Burton Parish Council.

The Committee will suggest and facilitate methods of communication to engage, advise and exchange views with the residents of Cherry Burton.

For the purposes of this Committee, communications and media is defined as being any form of communication which is Parish Council owned and includes, but is not limited to the website; social media; email; leaflets; newsletters.



1. Membership of the Committee to be decided upon its creation and the membership of the Committee to be re-appointed at the Annual Council Meeting.

2. Membership shall comprise a minimum of 3 members of the Parish Council

3. Meetings will occur as required and be conducted within the requirements of the Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12, para 10 and the Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960, para 1.

4. Minutes of meetings will be reported at full Parish Council meetings

5. The committee may co-opt to fill temporary vacancies provided it is quorate or the council may appoint temporary members.


6. The quorum shall be three (3).

7. The Local Authorities (model code of conduct) Order 2011 or any subsequent legislation applies to this committee.

8. The Committee and its members shall act according to the Social Media Policy and will not publish information until it is agreed at full Parish Council meetings

9. A member of the Council will not consider any matter before the committee if that member is involved in the matter in any way.


10. Any budget requirement will be allocated & approved by the full Parish Council annually.

11. The Committee must be mindful of the allocated budget and consider costings when making decisions and report to the Parish Council all anticipated expenditure for approval.


Terms of Reference                                Agenda/Minutes                              Social Media Policy and Code of Practise