Policies, Procedures and Plans approved by the Parish Council

Adopted ERYC Code of Conduct 2019                          Accident Report Form 2017                       

Scheme of Publication                                                       Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

Standing Orders 2019                                                        Grants and Donations Policy                                                        

Equal Opportunities Policy                                                Training and Development Policy

Health & Safety Policy                                                       Complaints Procedure

Risk Management Scheme (supersedes old Financial Risk Assessment - 2019 policy)

Financial Regulations (2019)                                             

Financial Risk Assessment (2019) superseded by Risk Management Scheme)

Level 1 Emergency Plan - Updated July 2019 (contact Clerk for copy)

Defibrillator Procedure (Bay Horse AED)

Defibrillator Procedure (Sportsfield AED)

Interactive video