Affordable Rural Housing Survey

East Riding Yorkshire Council are promoting the development of affordable housing (where local needs can be proven) and have approached Cherry Burton Parish Council to see if there is support for a housing survey as the village has relatively little affordable housing and yet the information they hold suggests there may be local needs. They are not actively looking for a development site, rather this would be through undertaking a local housing needs survey.

Affordable housing can take a number of forms ranging from affordable housing for rent through to affordable housing for sale (either shared ownership or discounted for sale/starter homes). When developed for a particular community, the homes would be linked to local lettings and sales policies which ensure that local residents and others with a local connection to the parish are given first priority for the new homes (and for any relets and resales).

Cherry Burton Parish Council are actively supporting this initiative with ERYC through their Rural Enabler officer and posters and survey form will be distributed w/c  16th January 2017 throughout the village.

Housing Needs Survey Jan 2017